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Global Lubricating Grease Partner


Take Your Grease Marketing and Business to a Whole New Level

We help you achieve the grease business growth you want and need! At AXEL, we engineer and manufacture high-quality grease, but more importantly, we partner with you to grow your grease business! We combine over 130 years of grease industry experience with a complete range of content, branding, packaging, online, digital, marketing and sales services. We work alongside your internal resources and agencies to fast-track the asset creation and implementation process and help your teams achieve their objectives in record time.

With AXEL GMS, you will have:

  • Access to branding, packaging and marketing resources
  • The opportunity to revamp your grease brand and packaging
  • A set of highly effective grease marketing and sales assets
  • Interactive tools to educate and showcase your products
  • A motivated and energised sales force with the right resources
  • The opportunity to reach out to new clients and tap into new markets
  • A strong competitive advantage

Download the Grease Marketing Services Brochure