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Global Lubricating Grease Partner


AXEL Grease Regulatory Services

Helping Our Clients Achieve Compliance and Success

We help you achieve the grease business growth and compliance you need! At AXEL, we engineer and manufacture high-quality grease, but more importantly, we partner with you to help you grow your grease business! We combine over 130 years of grease industry experience with a complete range of services including guidance for regulatory compliance.

With AXEL GRS: Poison Centres Notification and Unique Formula Identifiers (UFI), you will learn about:

  • The Challenges and Solutions
  • Current Scenario
  • Annex VIII to CLP
  • Duty Holders
  • A Closer look at UFI
  • Required Information
  • Deadlines
  • Resources
  • Impact
  • Fees
  • Steps for Compliance
  • Sources and Contact Details

Download the Grease Regulatory Services Guide