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Our knowledge.

We produce industrial lubricating greases according to your demands. These are distributed and sold by you, in your brand names without any competition from us. We are a lot more comfortable being your partner, rather than your competitor. Thanks to our Customised Label™ strategy, we take private label one step further.

Customised Label™ has been fundamental to our way of doing business since 1982. No matter which industry your customers operate in, or the type of conditions involved, customised high-quality lubrication will reward them every time. It extends service intervals, reduces wear and tear, increases productivity and boosts business.

Founded in 1888, Axel Christiernsson is now the leading producer and supplier of lubricating greases in Europe. In 2011, AXEL acquired the US lubricant supplier Jesco Resources inc. (now AXEL Americas LLC) establishing a permanent and leading presence in the US market.

You and your business may be a continent away but in reality we are right there with you.

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New Grease Plant and Office in France

December 18, 2014

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October 27, 2014

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