What are the advantages of bio-greases? Which applications are more suited to synthetic fluids? What are the requirements for food grade (H1) lubricants?

The answers to these and other questions can be found in our Lubrisense™ White Papers, where lubricating grease experts share their knowledge with you, discuss specific topics within the industry and maintain a continuous and inspiring dialogue.

Typically, the Lubrisense White Papers are read by machinery equipment designers and engineers, grease consumers, formulators, manufacturers and distributors, and suppliers of raw materials.

We began this series in 2004 and it’s still going strong; our overall goal is to share knowledge in the interest of turning grease technology from a black art into a modern science.

White Paper: Developing Solutions for Asset Management

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Download Past White Papers:

White Paper #16

- "CALCIUM SULPHONATE GREASES: Performance and application overview" by Dr. Gareth Fish Technical Fellow The Lubrizol Corporation, Wickliffe, Ohio, USA


White Paper #15

"AN OPEN & SHUT CASE: Greases for Gear Applications" by Dr.-Ing. Johann-Paul Stemplinger Gear Research Centre, FZG, Technische Universität München, Germany


White Paper #14

"POLYUREA GREASES" by Dr. Carl Kernizan Axel Americas LLC plus "Application case studies" by John Lorimor Axel Americas LLC


White Paper #13

- The STRATCO® contactorTM Reactor Method of Grease Manufacturing" by Diane Graham, CEO and John Kay, VP Engineering STRATCO, Inc.


White Paper #12

"TAKE YOUR BEST PICK! ... on choosing the right grease" by Constantin Madius, Group Product Manager Axel Christiernsson International AB plus "SAVING ENERGY ... a friction reduction programme at Volvo Powertrain" by Roger Persson, Team Leader, Volvo Group Trucks Technology, Advanced Technology & Research, Sweden and Kenneth Forsberg, Technical Service Engineer, Axel Christiernsson AB


White Paper #11

"BASE OILS – AN EVOLVING LANDSCAPE" by Alan Outhwaite, John Rosenbaum, Chevron Global Lubricants


White Paper #10

"UNDESIRABLE PARTICLES: Deleterious Particles in Lubricating Greases” by Chuck Coe, CLGS, CLS


White Paper #07

"POLYMER THICKENED LUBRICANT" by Guest Writer, Professor Emeritus Bo Jacobson


White Paper #06

"FOOD GRADE LUBRICANTS: Requirements registration and certification" by guest writer Sarah Krol, NSF International


White Paper Special Edition

"BISMUTH IN THE SOAP STRUCTURE: Enhancing performance"


White Paper #05



White Paper #04

"BIO-GREASES: What everyone wants but nobody buys" plus "The EU Eco-label: Heavy Duty Lubricant from Sunflowers"


White Paper #03

"REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals): an EU regulatory framework for chemicals" by Laurie Hughes and Andrew Swallow, Uniqema


White Paper #02

"Thickeners in the Grease Matrix: a primer on the role of thickeners in modern grease" plus "Market and Product Trends: background and future perspectives of grease thickeners"


White Paper #01

"The Chemistry and Physics of Grease: fundamentals of grease formulation" plus "The Advantages of Grease"