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Specialised grease for your biggest challenges

Among market segments related to mobility, the rail industry is different when it comes to lubrication since it is not only the vehicles that need consideration. Whether it be a tram carrying inner-city commuters or a goods train hauling freight over long distances, the reliability of both rolling stock and the rail infrastructure upon which its journey depends are essential elements to ensuring an effective, efficient and safe railway network.

Many of the applications requiring grease lubrication on board the train involve familiar components such as rolling element bearings, plain bearings and gears that are also used across many other industries. Consequently, the operational demands are similar.

However, it is the lubrication of the wheel/rail interface that presents a more unique challenge in terms of both friction control and, increasingly, reducing the environmental impact of lubricant lost to the surrounding ground soil.

At AXEL, our experience tailoring grease technology combined with our understanding of the operational and environmental challenges in the rail industry allow us to deliver reliable grease solutions with superior performance and protection for both the equipment and the environment.


At AXEL, our in-depth knowledge of grease technologies combined with an understanding of operational demands has enabled our team of experts to develop a range of product platforms capable of enhancing component protection when exposed to the conditions of the rail industry.

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