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You’re looking for:

  • The best price and value combination
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • A low-risk partnership
  • Reliable, consistent suppliers
  • Suppliers with attractive lead times
  • Suppliers who offer easy ordering and delivery options
  • A company that can work well with all your functional departments

You are likely concerned that:

  • Switching out an existing supplier can be complicated and also possesses risk to your supply chain
  • You’ll push for a more “cost effective” alternative that fails to meet objectives or creates new problems
  • Your level of grease knowledge might not allow you to discern among the grease offerings of your potential supplier base
  • Any RFQs you develop need to have input from all internal stakeholders including product management, technical, and sales and marketing
  • Finding a solution that will meet all your company’s growing grease requirements is a lengthy process and you are under pressure to get results
  • Most suppliers are also potential competitors as they carry their own brands

Your primary goal is typically:

To reduce/manage costs and ensure a reliable supply of quality grease.

Go for the best value!

AXEL produces your grease to the highest standards in a reliable and consistent manner AND offers a whole range of unique, value-added services like no other grease company.

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