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Visit us at ALIA/F&L Asia Lubricant Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur!

Posted by AXEL Christiernsson on Jul 18, 2024 11:53:46 AM

AXEL will have its own booth and deliver presentations at the ALIA/F&L Asia Lubricant Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from September 9 to 11, 2024. As AXEL continues its international expansion, our presence at this event further demonstrates our commitment to serving our global and regional customers in this important region of the world.

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2024 ELGI Sustainability Technical Consortium, Madrid, Spain.

Posted by AXEL Christiernsson on Jul 18, 2024 11:53:28 AM

Following another successful ELGI AGM with a record attendance exceeding 400 delegates, the ELGI Sustainability Technical Consortium (STC) was invited to gather for an additional day of discussion in the Spanish Capital.

The ELGI STC consists of five Task Forces focused on Communication and Regulation, Product Carbon Footprint (PCF), End User, End-of-Life, and Life Cycle Analysis. It has been established to ensure that all aspects of the grease value chain are duly considered in relation to sustainability.

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Kettle 55 Debuts in Nol, Sweden

Posted by AXEL Christiernsson on Jul 18, 2024 11:52:38 AM

AXEL’s original Nol, Sweden plant installed its brand new Kettle 55. The main purpose is to increase production capacity and flexibility in our plant! The new kettle can produce intermediate products as well as finished products/greases.   Not only has our overall capacity increased, but also our capacity to produce Lithium alternatives, driven by a surge in demand for our HYCAL (Anhydrous Calcium) technology. The first batch was produced in February.

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Climate Promises “Klimatlöftet” at AXEL in Sweden.

Posted by AXEL Christiernsson on Jul 18, 2024 11:51:20 AM

Klimatlöftet is a project led by the West Swedish Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Företagarna Västra Götaland. The Climate Promise is a new initiative aimed at small and medium-sized companies in the Västra Götaland county that want to reduce their climate footprint and increase their green competitiveness. Participating companies adopt any number of “climate pledges” in different areas and receive free support from experts and specialists to fulfill their pledges.

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AXEL: Sustainability in motion for the new generations!

Posted by AXEL Christiernsson on Jul 18, 2024 11:50:03 AM


We have been around for over 135 years, but nothing is stopping us from reaching out to and attracting new talent. We have swung into "TikTok" mode and are producing short videos with powerful sustainability messages and grease knowledge. These might cover the basics of grease production, testing methods, and how grease impacts our planet.

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AXEL US Team adds New Members!

Posted by AXEL Christiernsson on Jul 18, 2024 11:47:38 AM


We are excited to welcome Alison Ellis as our Supply Chain Manager for Axel US based in Tulsa. Alison has a Master Black Belt in Six Sigma and has trained/mentored a team of Green/ Black Belts with a total of 36 graduates. Her previous experience includes supply chain management, distribution, inventory, purchasing, operations management, and planning. Consistent with her Six Sigma background, Alison appreciates data-driven approaches to Supply Chain disciplines. We are excited to see her optimise and develop new strategies tailored to Axel’s continued growth. To elevate the Supply Chain function within AXEL US as we introduce an integrated business management process across multiple disciplines referred to as SIOP (Sales, Inventory, Operations Planning), the Supply Chain Manager role will report to Greg Schwartz, President, and still have close integration and coordination with Operations.

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AXEL France Welcomes New Team Members!

Posted by AXEL Christiernsson on Jul 18, 2024 11:45:39 AM


We are pleased to welcome our new AXEL France Commercial Manager, Mr. Christophe Humbert. Christophe spent 23 years in Africa, including 15 years in an NGO, responsible for humanitarian projects and the installation of drinking water networks. He also set up a motorcycle tour operator in Africa. Christophe has two children, and he is currently based in Niort. He holds a Master of Science (MSc) from Cranfield University and a Masters in International Agro-Economic Engineering and Development from ISTOM. Christophe speaks four languages and will contribute to AXEL’s continued growth in Europe and Africa. We congratulate him and wish him the best of success!
Bienvenue!, Bienvenido!, Benvenuto!...Welcome Christophe!

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A Year of Challenges, Important Milestones, and Gratitude

Posted by Johan Stureson on Dec 20, 2023 11:06:12 AM

The world is suffering from geo-political instability. The war in Ukraine carried over to 2023 and will be a part of 2024 too. In early October, we experienced another significant conflict in the Middle East, with the war in and around the Gaza Strip. Both occasions represent huge costs in terms of loss of human lives and endless suffering.

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Celebrating 135 Years of AXEL!

Posted by Johan Stureson on Oct 30, 2023 1:40:34 PM

Incredible! We have come a very long way but still feel "Fairly" young! For this special anniversary, we are happy and proud to share a little of bit our history and trajectory with you.

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The AXEL Team recently returned from a fun, packed, and productive ELGI 33rd Annual General Meeting.

Posted by AXEL Christiernsson on Aug 29, 2023 8:26:50 PM

The Team participated in many events, presentations, and ceremonies...one of which included the appointment of Mikael Kruse to the ELGI Board.

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