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Wet & Dirty Conditions?

Posted by AXEL Christiernsson on Jan 19, 2021 3:41:20 PM

Wet and dirty conditions are found in a large range of segments where water, humidity, process liquids or dirt have direct or indirect access to the lubricant and components. Such conditions can damage components, as well as greatly reduce the effectiveness and performance life of the chosen lubricant. An appropriate lubricant can aid these challenges by providing good sealant properties and resistance to liquids.

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Hycal 272 WR

Posted by AXEL Christiernsson on Jan 19, 2021 3:36:42 PM

Hycal 272 WR is a good example of the positive properties of an Anhydrous Calcium thickener combined with a high viscosity blend of mineral oil, polymer and an optimal combination of additives. This grade is a perfect choice for heavy loaded low speed plain bearings, pins, bushings and joints in wet and corrosive conditions. It is used in the marine, agriculture, forestry, and construction segments. The grease is available with and without solid lubricants and is easily pumpable in most centralised lubrication systems.
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A Lithium Alternative

Posted by AXEL Christiernsson on Jan 19, 2021 3:34:56 PM

Lithium based greases have dominated global grease technology for several decades reaching roughly 75% of total lubricating grease volumes. Increased Lithium demand to serve a burgeoning market for electric car batteries has increased interest in competing thickener technologies. Calcium-thickened greases are a serious alternative to many of the lithium greases with their excellent water resistance and surface adhesion. Anhydrous Calcium thickened greases with their low temperature lubricity, increased service temperature, shear stability and corrosion protection, are ideal for applications in the marine, agriculture, construction and forestry segments, among others. The thickener is also suitable for use in food grade and environmentally friendly greases. See Hycal (AXEL's Anhydrous Calcium technology) Features and Benefits below.

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Posted by AXEL Christiernsson on Jul 18, 2019 10:16:35 AM

Press release - July 18, 2019

On July 17 some details of various legal matters between AXEL Royal, LLC and the previous owners and some key employees of Royal Mfg Co LP. were published by an industry publication. As a normal practice AXEL does not and will not comment about details of ongoing legal issues, however we feel it is important to respond to certain elements of court filings.

AXEL has a history dating back more than 130 years, supplying high quality lubricating greases to some of the biggest companies in the world. Shortly after the acquisition we became aware of certain practices that were not aligned with AXEL standards and we immediately took action to discontinue any activities that would not meet our high expectations and values. The safety of our employees, the protection of our environment and the quality of our products are the foundation of our success, and we will not compromise these ideals.

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