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You’re looking for:

  • Product performance that meets or exceeds your clients' application requirements
  • Ways to maintain the current product specifications especially in the wake of raw material supply restrictions and increased prices
  • Enhanced grease performance under very specific operating conditions demanded by your clients
  • Technical, quality assurance and production expertise from your manufacturers
  • New high performance products for challenging applications demanded by customers
  • High quality recommendations and assistance with test batches, discussions around quality and consistency
  • Teams that can provide extensive knowledge and technical expertise about grease formulations and specifications

You are likely concerned that:

  • Your internal resources may be fairly limited to deal with the volume of technical requests
  • The time it takes your existing grease vendors to test and execute production batches with new specs is lengthy
  • The implementation or approval process of new, higher performance products is long and challenging
  • Your existing suppliers may not have the grease knowledge to come up with alternatives to deal with shifting raw material price and supply constraints
  • There are few manufacturers who can quickly adapt to growing demands from your clients
  • There are several new technologies being offered in the market but you have not been able to identify them all, yet alone start field evaluations and testing
  • You’ll push for a new technology or product that won’t meet performance/price objectives
  • The time and effort you’d have to dedicate to the implementation of new initiatives is too daunting

Your primary goal is typically:

Ensuring technical/product specs are met, keeping up with specific application requests and demands for alternative or better solutions.

The world’s most knowledgeable grease scientists!

For over 125 years, AXEL has been developing new grease technologies and manufacturing high quality grease. AXEL grease scientists assist you with any technical challenges you may have and can present you with a wide range of alternative grease technologies.

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