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Specialised grease for your biggest challenges

Mining is one of the most demanding industries in the world, not least due to the fact that a range of other consumer-driven global markets are increasingly reliant on its output. From fuel to foodstuffs and manufacturing to medicine, if these markets continue to grow as anticipated, so too will demand on the mining industry for greater productivity.

Productivity is directly linked to equipment reliability and when the conditions of operation are among the most extreme in the world, appropriate lubrication is essential. Heavy loads and severe vibration combined with exposure to the elements and abrasive contaminants are all factors that can contribute to reduced component life which in turn can adversely impact productivity and costs in the event of failure.

At AXEL it is our business to understand how operational challenges impact equipment reliability so that we may develop relevant lubrication solutions. For the mining industry we have a range of heavy duty technology platforms with the potential to enhance component protection, extend its’ service life, thus contributing to greater equipment reliability, reduced maintenance and reduce product consumption. This in turn serves to improve operational efficiency, reduce environmental impact and deliver sustainable value.

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