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AXEL announces major investments at its 3 plants in the USA

Schertz, USA

Tulsa, USA


Rosedale, USA


AXEL Responds to Growing Customer Demand with Major Investments at its 3 Plants in the USA.

Investments include the largest stainless-steel Contactor ever built, increased production, high-speed filling lines, and storage capacity.

July 15th, 2021 – Kansas, MO – AXEL, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of lubricating greases in the US with its companies AXEL Americas and AXEL Royal, announced that it is proceeding with an additional expansion and improvement plan across its 3 plants in the USA.

This additional plant expansion at the company’s ISO-certified facilities comes as a response to recent industry developments and the significant production void created in the North American market. As a leading private label grease supplier in the USA, AXEL is further investing to meet the additional requirements and growing demands of its existing customers in the short and medium-term. The company has been focusing its immediate efforts on critical products and its European facilities are also assisting in meeting the increased US needs. Below, a summary of the Company’s recent and current investments and initiatives.

At the Rosedale facility, a new mezzanine is under construction and the production floor is being expanded to host the Company’s new stainless steel STRATCO Contactor, ordered in December 2020. The Contactor, the only and largest ever built of its kind, will significantly increase the facility’s soap and grease-making capacity an additional 20-30M lbs./year, allow AXEL to manufacture new technologies, and provide unparalleled flexibility.

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AXEL Christiernsson

AXEL will be the leading and first choice supplier of customised solutions for the global lubricating grease market.


Innovations in Lubrication, Sanitisation and Automation

AXEL is constantly striving to innovate our range of lubricating greases, grease packages, and delivery systems along with a selection of supporting services. We now offer a battery-powered lubricator and sanitising system complete with its own, dedicated plug-in bag. This innovative application system provides a series of advantages in terms of portability, flexibility, waste reduction, and ease of application. The battery-operated applicator has a compact and robust design that is lightweight, easy to use and thanks to the self-contained, plug-in bag system is safer and cleaner from a handling perspective too.

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