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Steel Mills

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As a core structural component in what is used to construct much of our day-to-day infrastructure, from buildings and bridges to transportation and railway lines, steel is perhaps the most versatile and widely used material in the world. Consequently, the steel Industry is under constant pressure to meet continually high productivity demands which in turn means taking every step necessary to ensure the reliability of operations.

The range of processes involved in the production of steel expose both equipment and lubricant to perhaps the most extreme conditions of any industry. The combination of very high loads and temperatures whilst being exposed to an environment that brings moisture, humidity and the potential for corrosive and abrasive contaminants can severely limit the life of components and equipment if not lubricated correctly.

Therefore, it is essential that the right lubricating grease needs to deliver performance and protection that is as robust as the material being produced and at AXEL we have a range of technology platforms that combine those properties key to lubrication success in the steel industry.

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