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Your Grease Partner, Not Your Competitor

Your brand is one of your most valuable assets. Choose AXEL as your grease partner and it is in safe hands. Through our Customised Label™ strategy, we become a champion of your brand, manufacturing great quality lubricating greases time and time again, in your name, on your behalf, customised to meet the needs of your customers.


A Complete Grease Business Solution

It doesn’t stop there though. With over 125 years of grease business expertise, your grease is manufactured to the highest standards, consistently and reliably across four global ISO certified facilities. We also channel our resources on the Technical, R&D, Product Management, Sales and Marketing fronts.

Much more than grease manufacturing!

We work with your functional teams to deliver new and superior grease technologies, educate your sales, provide field support and a host of marketing and business development services. You will walk away with an optimised product portfolio, unique solutions for complex and demanding applications and new growth markets and segment opportunities.

Our sole focus is on defining, developing and producing high-quality lubricating grease products and providing unique services to grow your grease business and your brand.

Global and Prestigious Clients



We partner with national, regional and some of the largest and most prestigious companies who offer quality lubricating grease in their markets and around the world.

AXEL Products and Services

AXEL's customer offering combines two streams:

Grease Business Services

Take Your Grease Marketing and Business to a Whole New Level

We help you achieve the grease business growth you want and need! At AXEL, we engineer and manufacture high-quality grease, but more importantly, we partner with you to grow your grease business!

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