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A whole range of grease technologies and products

Our offering consists of AXEL Products (from standard to customer unique) and AXEL Premium™ Services (development, production, supply, education). Together we review your lubricating grease business and identify where there is room for improvement. With a broad base of expertise, we can offer you a countless number of grease products. To make it easier to choose, we’ve divided them up into the following five categories:

AXEL Standard

High quality standard greases

AXEL Speciality

Complex thickened greases and products for specific applications

AXEL High Tech

High-performance products for specific applications

AXEL Unique

Top-level products based on leading AXEL technology


A selection of H1 approved products made according to ISO21469



Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

To access safety data sheets click here


AXEL Products are produced under the strictest quality standards including ISO 9001, 14001, 21469 and TS 16949

Types of grease technologies

  • Anhydrous calcium polymer
  • Bentonite
  • Calcium
  • Calcium sulphonate complex
  • Food grade lubricants (ISO 21469 certified)
  • Lithium complex
  • Lithium bismuth complex (Dubilith)
  • Lithium calcium complex (Alassca)
  • Lithium MP/EP
  • Noion
  • Polyurea
  • Synthetic base oils

A complete range of grease technology platforms for your portfolios!

Learn more about AXEL's Grease Portfolio and how our unique technologies can benefit your customers in search of cost-effective, proven, and superior solutions.

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Learn more about our grease technologies and products!

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