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Pulp & Paper

Specialised grease for your biggest challenges

Across the pulp and paper producing process a diverse range of equipment from digesters and bleachers to dewatering presses make use of a variety of components to enable movement and drive including both rolling element and plain bearings as well as gears and valves.

Whilst certain conditions such as rotational speeds may vary depending on equipment type and thus require different lubricant solutions as a result, there are some operational challenges that are common across large sections of the process.

The ability of a lubricating grease to stay in place is key to delivering its’ full potential in any application, but in the paper and pulp industry this is made more difficult through exposure to elevated temperatures and high moisture levels some of which can be corrosive in nature.

Therefore, ensuring the correct balance of protection needs the right combination of lubricant technologies and at AXEL we have the know-how to formulate greases specifically according to your needs.


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