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A Tribute To Lubricating Grease

Amazing Grease is a tribute to this most amazing material lubricating grease, and to grease enthusiasts all over the world. It is an honest, light-hearted and hopefully enjoyable account of my 36-year adventure in trying to navigate my way through a maze in grease. It is not the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, only my recollections of events, meetings, people and places. So please follow me “down memory lane” all the way through to the present

- Graham Gow -

Dear Friends,

It is a pleasure for me to introduce “Amazing Grease” to the lubricating grease community. It is a different kind of publication than we usually are involved in - not seeking to market anything or to publish convincing test data of a new product. Instead you will find an interesting mix of history about our industry, put in context of what has evolved in the world outside lubricating grease - and told in an anecdotal from with lots of pictures.

Let me go back to the start. A Scotsman by the name of Graham Gow joined Axel Christiernsson in 1972 and, over the years, he became a knowledgeable and well-know grease expert. I joined the company in 2000 and have since worked with Graham, learning a lot from him. When he reluctantly(!) reached his retirement in late 2015 I felt that his journey within the lubricating grease industry was an excellent opportunity to document and publish an interesting story for those of us who have a special relationship with and fascination for greases. It was not hard to convince Graham... and the result of his efforts is now waiting for you.

Please note the “Claims and Disclaims”. The book is not meant to be 100% thruthful account, nor is it scientific, etc. However, it is a personal life experience told by Graham with the best of intentions. I sincerely thank him for his efforts over his 43 years with AXEL - and for allowing us to publish his amazing experiences.

Enjoy the reading!


Johan Stureson


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Amazing Grease
A Tribute to Lubricating Grease
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