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Power Generation

Specialised grease for your biggest challenges

The extent and rate of global growth over the last century has brought with it many benefits to the modern world, however, in recent decades we have also become increasingly aware of the adverse impact such activity has had on our environment. Climate change and the depletion of naturally occurring energy reserves are two such examples that serve to highlight the need for drastic changes in behavior, no longer considered sustainable. As a consequence, a more responsible attitude toward our environment has in turn given rise to several industries dedicated to harnessing alternative, renewable energy sources.

The most rapidly growing of these is the wind turbine market and when it comes to lubrication, the combination of remote locations and severe operating conditions perhaps highlight that, for this market more than most, lubricant protection that is both effective and enduring are essential for operational efficiency and peace of mind.

At AXEL, a versatile range of technology platforms can deliver the fundamental properties required for performance and protection across all markets and our expertise also enables us to tailor technology to solve very specific industry challenges such as fretting wear in wind turbines.

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