Our on-going pursuit of sustainability and a growing concern for our environment has led both lubricant suppliers and consumers to increasingly consider the use of bio-products. Bio-greases degrade into simple substances not harmful to the ecosystem and are, in some cases, even based on renewable raw materials. These lubricating greases are especially suited to those applications where there is a high potential for product to be lost into the natural environment. Bio-greases have been available for a fairly long period of time without being able to truly penetrate the grease market.

High performance bio-esters are expensive and since the majority of a grease formulation consists of oil, the ester is a major contributor to the product’s cost.

In the past, the main challenge for bio-greases has been their high price in combination with limited performance capability. However, as component technologies have evolved to enable improved grease performance and with product selection now being increasingly driven as much by Environmental and Regulatory compliance as their ability to lubricate and protect in certain segments, demand is growing.

We recognize this trend and with many years of development experience already behind us in this area, our expert formulators are now in a position to develop bio-greases that focus on delivering the right balance of physical and protective properties whilst complying with the latest environmental requirements.

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