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Specialised grease for your biggest challenges

When business involves transporting cargo, equipment or passengers around the globe, we understand that, as continents and conditions change, maintaining grease consistency can be the “quay” to success.

For Marine markets, selecting a grease that protects against harsh operational, exposed environmental and changing climatic conditions is challenging enough. Navigating the sea of environmental and material legislation doesn’t make things any easier.

Over many years, our expert formulators have developed greases based on technology platforms that focused on delivering the right balance of physical and protective properties for this segment.  More recently, with grease selection being increasingly driven as much by Environmental and Regulatory compliance as their ability to lubricate and protect, our development of greases for this market has evolved accordingly.

At AXEL, our understanding of equipment & market needs enables us to formulate greases that ensure both protective performance and global compliance, wherever needed, thus easing your voyage to selection

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Tailored Grease Technology for Your Most Demanding Applications


Grease solutions for Marine applications