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You’re looking for:

  • An optimised product portfolio
  • New market opportunities in new market segments
  • Products that fit within the cost/price structure in your markets
  • Simplification and modernisation of the product line

You are likely concerned that:

  • Your competition has been updating their portfolios with new technologies or higher performance products
  • The products you want to introduce into your portfolio still need to be tested and approved by your technical department
  • Some of your main clients are requesting alternatives from your sales team and you have to act quickly to avoid losing them
  • Your company’s sales team is more versed in selling other products and needs to better understand the differences among grease technologies, specs and performance metrics
  • Your higher performance/price products need to be offered differently
  • The suggestions you have made to the portfolio are taking too long to implement given all of the demands on the technical department
  • The implementation or approval process of new, higher performance products is too lengthy or cumbersome in general
  • There are several new technologies being offered in the market but you have not been able to identify them all
  • The time and effort you have to dedicate to the implementation of new initiatives seem daunting as you have to keep up with current product sales, volumes, customer experiences and specific product utilization/performance

Your primary goal is typically:

Maintaining a compelling grease product line in the face of growing competition

Don’t get left behind

More than two-thirds of all companies offering grease products are investing time and resources into reviewing and optimising their portfolios to adapt to new market conditions and opportunities.

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