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AXEL Responds to Growing Customer Demand with Major Investments at its 3 Plants in the USA.

HYCAL 762 EPEF: A high-performance EAL solution

Are your customers dealing with low-temperature conditions?

Calsullence: Superior technology that packs a punch

Noion: A unique technology

A Soothing Aerial View…


AXEL and EU Ecolabel: Growing Opportunities

First Aid: We Have You Covered!

Overcoming 2020 Challenges and Welcoming 2021!

Wet & Dirty Conditions?

Hycal 272 WR

A Lithium Alternative

AXEL Presents Research Projects with the Royal Institute of Technology

UFI and PC: A Reminder

AXEL Receives NLGI Founders Award

AXEL Celebrates Safety Record

AXEL Continues Investing in its Manufacturing Plants

AXEL America’s New 45 K pound Kettle at Rosedale

New Roles and Team Members at AXEL

AXEL and the Cement Industry

AXEL France: Innovative Grease Application/Sanitizing Systems

AXEL and Covid-19 Update

AXEL named EU Ecolabel Ambassador

AXEL and the Pulp & Paper Industry

Making Visual Factories

AXEL Proceeds with Multi-Million Dollar Expansion and Improvement Plan at its 3 Plants in the USA

The AXEL Environment Day

AXEL’s Commitment to Environmentally Friendly Lubricants

BIOFOOD 46 – BIO and H1 lubricant for Round Baler Agricultural Machines

STLE 2019 Annual Meeting – Nashville


AXEL Christiernsson Group (AXEL) wins 2019 Sweden Best Managed Companies Award

With over 130 years of experience…


AXEL Turns 130 Years Young!

AXEL Technical Director -Jeff St. Aubin

AXEL Attended Innotrans in Berlin

High Load Grease for Continuous Casters – Calsullence 1715 WR

AXEL Presents at the 30th ELGI AGM in London

REACH Registration Completed

The AXEL Marine Brochure

AXEL Providing Alternative Options to Lithium Greases

AXEL to Present at the 30th ELGI AGM in London

AXEL’s Paper on Cover of NLGI Spokesman

An Advanced Grease Platform for Improved Performance

Greetings from AXEL Netherlands New General Manager


AXEL to attend 2016 European Base Oils & Lubricants Summit in Poland

Prestigious Author Award at NLGI

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Lies, bloody lies & statistics

God Afton (good evening in Swedish)

It's not going to happen !!

The Rheology of Life

Right or Wrong?

There´s a first time for everything

Incredible India

All roads lead to Grease?

The human brain is indeed a maze(-ing)