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AXEL and EU Ecolabel: Growing Opportunities

Posted by AXEL Christiernsson on Jun 17, 2021 10:25:25 AM


For many years AXEL has been deeply committed to the green revolution that is now more widespread across the planet. The most recognised green labelling scene, the EU Ecolabel, has now published its latest figures from March 2021. The lubricant category was identified as the 3rd fastest-growing segment, with 31% growth of the labelled product in the past 6 months! https://ec.europa.eu/environment/ecolabel/facts-and-figures.html

We are proud to announce that our EU Ecolabel license has been extended to our French facility in Niort. The existing ecolabelled portfolio can be produced at the plant and this extension has also opened up new possibilities for AXEL to develop solid additive versions for current and new products, and combine the EU Ecolabel with food-grade approvals for our product portfolio. AXEL France has created a broad portfolio, e.g. for the railway industry, where these environmentally acceptable products are in great demand. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting front!