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HYCAL 762 EPEF: A high-performance EAL solution

Posted by AXEL Christiernsson on Jun 17, 2021 10:39:36 AM

HYCAL 762 EPEF is a modern high-performance EAL grease for diversified use. It has been developed for applications characterised by heavy loads and wet and corrosive conditions, where adhesion and water resistance are of high importance. In spite of its high base oil viscosity, the product can be used in centralised lubricating systems even at lower temperatures. Typical segments where the product can serve as a universal lubricant are forestry, agriculture, construction vehicles, and marine vessels.

The product is Ecolabel and SS155470 certified as well as 2013 VGP compliant based on a composition that combines an anhydrous calcium thickener, biodegradable synthetic esters and a carefully selected additive system that includes EP/AW, corrosion inhibitors and anti-oxidants. Consequently, for those target applications that often include loss lubrication systems, Hycal 762 EPEF represents a versatile and modern, multi-functional solution that delivers excellent component protection in an environmentally sensitive package that better protects the needs of the natural world too.