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Thanking our Grease Genius Session participants

Posted by AXEL Christiernsson on Mar 8, 2023 2:32:28 PM


Mid-October, AXEL Sweden hosted several team members from area companies for a fully packed two days of Grease Genius Sessions. The experience included joint presentations at both AXEL and SKF facilities. The topics covered ranged from tribology and what is grease? to grease manufacturing, testing methods, and selection. Also included were markets and applications, lubrication management, and sustainability. In addition, participants enjoyed a number of Fika sessions, lunches, a tour of AXEL Christiernsson’s grease facility in Nol, and an SKF plant tour!

100% of participant respondents were very happy with the sessions and were likely or very likely to recommend them to colleagues!  A special congrats and thanks to the SKF team and AXEL’s Per Nilsson, Anders Tonder, Peeter Kuuskmaa, Johan Karlsson, and Mikael Kruse for organising this event. Keep them coming!