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AXEL’s Per Nilsson presents on fossil-free formulations for lubricants

Posted by AXEL Christiernsson on Mar 8, 2023 2:30:22 PM


On Sept 20th, AXEL’s Per Nilsson presented at SKF’s Lubrication Maintenance Seminar to an audience of over 50 managers, mechanical and reliability engineers, and maintenance personnel.
The agenda of the Seminar, hosted by SKF specialists, included the important building blocks of successful lubrication maintenance, SKF’s vision for lubrication and technological development, and new oil filtration and reuse technology.
Per presented on possible fossil-free grease formulations, EU Ecolabel, and its requirements, as well as the Swedish Standard. Interesting applications for “bio” products, even in industrial applications, cast light on the feasibility of these greases and the overall impact on sustainability. It is undoubted that many interesting and promising future scenarios exist!
Participants included team members from highly recognised heavy industry companies from the majestic and inspiring Dalarna county in Sweden.
Congrats to Per and thanks to our friends at SKF for advancing important lubrication-related topics covering increased efficiency, reduced costs, advances in technology, and sustainability.