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AXEL named EU Ecolabel Ambassador

Posted by AXEL on Jun 9, 2020 9:56:51 PM

A long tradition of environment and sustainability awareness and efforts.


The traditionally small bio-grease industry really only started moving with the implementation of the Swedish Standard (SS 155470) mainly in the Nordic countries. Then the US Vessel General Permit (VGP) followed, becoming the main growth driver focused primarily on products for the marine industry and then spreading into products for total loss applications. As EU Ecolabel grew, we accelerated the development of our two spearhead product technologies for marine and agriculture to build knowledge and experience in the process.

Our alignment with EU Ecolabel and our sustainability goals come through increasing the knowledge and use of environmentally friendly lubricants. Loss lubrication applications need biodegradable, non-toxic products to avoid environment pollution as well as to avoid the contamination of produce grown and harvested. Both are essential to protecting nature and people over time.

Lubricants need to last long, function well, reduce energy consumption and prolong component and equipment life. This in turn has an important effect on the resources and processes needed all over. At AXEL, we consistently work on customer and end-user education to generate awareness, interest and adoption. We share our knowledge through seminars and educational  material and when performing portfolio analyses and recommendations, we urge our clients to consider the environmental benefits, enhanced performance and the differentiation advantages these products can bring to their portfolios  and bottom line.

We continue to drive our development process towards sustainability goals. Examples of this include the expansion of our biodegradable portfolio to cover the needs of the most important loss lubrication segments: marine, agriculture, forestry, construction, off-road, railroad and mining. We are also exploring combinations of biodegradable and food machinery approved products and have ongoing projects for prolonged life and decreased friction. Similarly, we continue evaluating new components such as re-refined oils, new technology vegetable and ester oils, and new additives from unconventional sources.

We are honoured to have been named EU Ecolabel Ambassador and will continue with our efforts to develop and provide environmentally friendly lubricating options that benefit our customers, end users and our planet. We invite you to learn more about our environmentally friendly products and efforts.