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AXEL’s Commitment to Environmentally Friendly Lubricants

Posted by AXEL on Oct 28, 2019 3:35:43 PM

Biodegradable lubricants of all types have been available for decades, but a combination of factors linked to poor performance, high cost and lack of incentive to use them has contributed to their limited growth as a product segment. Today, as improved technology has enhanced product performance and awareness of the urgent need to reduce our impact on the planet has grown, the time for change may finally have arrived.

Led by the marine segment, where the mandatory environmental legislation; Vessel General Permit undoubtedly helped increase the demand for bio-lubricants, expectations for change are now growing in other industries subject to lubricant contamination.

At AXEL, we have the knowledge and expertise to offer enhanced and competitive environmentally friendly products and make a positive contribution to our planet and your business.


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