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Noion: A unique technology

Posted by AXEL Christiernsson on Jun 17, 2021 10:30:25 AM


Noion is a groundbreaking thickener technology based on a polymer compound with an optimised crystalline amorphous balance. This polymer thickener consists of combinations of different polypropylenes and rubber, resulting in a non-ionic product with controlled oil separation.

The technology has provided a quantum jump in performance criteria compared to conventional soap-based greases since polymer thickened products containing Noion technology show a number of unique properties:

Enhanced Additive Response
The non-ionic thickener system allows the active components in the additives to reach the metal surfaces. Whereas soap-based thickeners will interfere with the additive reactions by competing for the surface, the polymer system will let the additives win the race.

High Film Thickness
The technology also provides a high film thickness, reducing wear and increasing load-carrying capacity.

Longer Life and Resistance to Water and Aggressive Chemicals
Because of the combination of high adhesion and low solubility, polymer-based non-ionic products show good resistance against water and aggressive chemicals, increased surface, and corrosion protection. Polymer systems are in general more resistant to oxidation, degradation, and centrifugal forces than soap-based products. This, in turn, leads to longer grease life and resistance to different chemical media.

Full Compatibility
The inert nature of polypropylene allows full compatibility with most existing greases. Due to the non-toxic nature of the thickener components, these can prove to become extremely suitable for food grade and environmentally acceptable applications.

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