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Overcoming 2020 Challenges and Welcoming 2021!

Posted by Johan Stureson on Jan 19, 2021 3:43:35 PM

What an awkward year we are about to put behind us… Since March when the new Corona virus was declared a pandemic we have all had to adjust to a new and very different world. On a personal level, most of us have experienced the effects of social distancing, such as not being able to meet with friends and family, no or very limited travel, etc. Some have, of course, also had to endure the medical effects from Covid-19, ranging from mild to very challenging symptoms, and as I write this the global casualties approach 1.6 M. At the same time the world is now starting to see the new vaccines come out and this is promising for 2021.

By the same token, we have experienced a kind of roller coaster in terms of business trends. It started off very well in Q1, only to take a deep dive in Q2 when the pandemic took a firm grip of many parts of the world. Then the situation eased in Q3 and improved month-by-month, only to move backwards again in Q4 due to the second wave of the virus. We have had to overcome supply chain troubles, transport issues due to border controls and, of course, travel restrictions. And everyone is now a master of virtual meetings!

Against this background, I am extremely proud of what the AXEL Team has delivered in terms of a continued operation at all times and reliable delivery performance, even in times of lockdowns, etc. Helpful suppliers have supported us too (thanks!). This is a testament of the AXEL Spirit and our commitment to service our valued customers – also when sailing in rough weather.

Let’s all look forward to 2021 with higher expectations, to a world that regains some normality where we can enjoy the opportunity to meet face-to-face again. All business is between people   and meeting each other is one of those factors that build enduring relationships – both between persons and organizations. Until then, let’s all stay safe and maintain business as best we can through virtual meetings.

AXEL has made a donation to UNICEF to help children in need. I remind you all to think of those in need, since their challenges often grow bigger because of Covid-19.

Merry Christmas and a REALLY Happy New Year!



Johan Stureson