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UFI and PC: A Reminder

Posted by AXEL on Nov 13, 2020 2:53:33 PM

A Unique Formula Identifier (UFI) is a new labeling element for the European market. UFI needs to be added to the existing product labels of hazardous mixtures in conjunction with submitting product information to ECHA, Poison Centres Notification (PCN). The purpose is to be able to provide more in-depth information in case of an emergency. The deadline is January 1st  2021, for both consumer and professional use products. AXEL is finalising its work to fulfil the obligations for the deadline. There is an ongoing dialog with our customers to create awareness on their obligations and collect information required.  AXEL's guide summarises the main information points related to the new requirements. You can contact us at HSE Support: hse.support@axelch.com.


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