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AXEL and the Pulp & Paper Industry

Posted by AXEL on Jun 9, 2020 9:55:34 PM

As the trend for media to increasingly move on-line and away from the printed page grows, we could be forgiven for assuming that the pulp & paper industry must be experiencing a significant down-turn as a result.

However, whilst it is true that demand for graphic paper has seen a decline in recent years, this has been offset by increasing demand for other pulp and paper derived products. The personal hygiene market continues to enjoy growing demand for products such as tissue paper and wipes, whilst on-line retail and e-commerce have brought significant demand growth for a wide variety of packaging materials.

Consequently, whilst the pulp and paper industry along with its production plants may be experiencing a period of transition as they adjust to changing consumer demands, the need of operational equipment to be appropriately maintained and lubricated will remain a constant.

Please feel free to download the new AXEL Pulp & Paper brochure via the link below to learn more about some of the applications within this segment as well as the types of grease technology that may support your needs and those of your customers.

Download our new brochure to learn more about AXEL’s pulp & paper industry lubricating grease technologies.


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