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AXEL Continues Investing in its Manufacturing Plants

Posted by AXEL on Nov 13, 2020 2:50:20 PM


AXEL Christiernsson BV, in the Netherlands, welcomed the addition of a new base oil tank for its expanding grease production. The steel tank with a volume of 24,600 liters has a diameter of 2,40 meters and a total height of 6,65 meters. Due to the tank dimensions and final location, a special crew was hired to hoist and install the tank through the roof of our facility. At this plant, all base oil tanks are installed inside to optimise conditions for the tank installation and stored base oils, as well as distances to the process kettles. The new base oil tank will support our continued growth and the efficient manufacturing of a diverse line of grease formulations. The plant is conveniently located in the logistical hotspot of “West Brabant” and the nearby Rotterdam and Antwerp ports.

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