The ultimate grease technology for cold and wet conditions.

The technology was originally developed to lubricate fishing boats in the Caribbean Sea but has been used in many other applications such as marine, agriculture, forestry, food grade and environmentally acceptable greases.



The Hycal thickener is made by a saponification process between calcium hydroxide and fatty acids, usually 12-hydroxy-stearic acid.


The thickener starts to melt at temperatures > 140°C, meaning that the upper temperature limit is restricted to an absolute maximum of 120°C.


The Hycal thickener is characterised by its resistance to water, low temperature rheology, shear stability and adherence to surfaces.


Typical treat rate for a NLGI 2 grease: 7 - 9 %


This technology combines a very water resistant thickener system with state-of-the-art polymers providing adhesive products which stay in place under the most extreme conditions of water wash out. In addition, the products perform extremely well at low temperatures. An extra bonus is that the thickener system is approved for food grade applications if combined with other suitable oils and components and for use in sensitive natural environments if combined with environmentally acceptable oils and additives.

Condition ProfileHycalSpider.png


  • Water resistance
  • Low temperature performance
  • Reduced elasticity
  • Adhesive properties
  • Transparent lubricating film
  • Versatility
  • Environmental advantage


  • Enhanced functionality under wet conditions
  • Excellent lubricity at low temperatures
  • Suitable for use in centralized lubrication systems
  • Keeps the grease in place in the application
  • Easy to inspect and maintain
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications up to 120°c
  • Thickener approved for food grade- and eco-greases


Universal grease for above deck applications, such as wire ropes, in commercial shipping

Agricultural equipment and forestry processors

EAL type products (ECO-label, VGP, etc)

Recreational vehicles and vessels, boat trailers

Extreme wet conditions in industry (paper and pulp, steel)

Low temperature military applications, general automotive and artillery

Food-grade applications, bottling, freezers

A wide variety of moderately loaded rolling bearings

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