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Noion: Nothing Normal About This “Grease”

Two new lubrication phases reduce friction and significantly extend grease life

NORMAL Grease Lubrication goes through 3 phases:


Churning Phase

  • Reservoir formation
  • Fully flooded

Bleeding Phase

  • Reservoir consumed
  • Starved EHD, occasional film breakdown and replenishment

Severe Film Breakdown

  • Reservoir depleted
  • Metal-metal wear

Noion Grease Lubrication has 2 NEW phases:

Noion’s New Phases

Noion greases do not fit into the same description of lubrication phases for bearings as soap-based greases.

During the Adjustment Phase, the degradation of the thickener close to the shear zones leads to the formation of friction modifiers originating from the PP-thickener.

During the Extended Lubrication Phase, bleeding is now significantly extended as the combination of shear and temperature keeps the contact feed with lubricant.


Adjustment Phase

  • Local degradation of thickener
  • In-situ creation of friction modifier

Extended Lubrication Phase

  • Reservoir consumed and regenerated
  • Estarved EHD, ocassional film breakdown and replenishment