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Inert system:

Good compatibility with other lubricating grease technologies and additives. Noion grease neither affects nor is affected by other greases.


Non-polar nature:

High resistance, maintained functionality and long life in environments with water or aggressive polar chemicals.


Additive compatibility:

Greater flexibility in additive formulation allows increased possibilities for customer’s unique formulations.


Tailored polypropylene/rubber content:

Allows tailored bleeding properties that provide improved lubrication at low temperatures.


Shear dependent:

A wider array of operating conditions can be serviced with the same product, as the lubricating film adapts to the velocity of the application. At varying speed conditions, the product adapts and will improve lubrication at all speeds.


Low friction:

The in-situ generation of friction modifiers and continuous film regeneration provide lower running temperatures and long life to both grease and components.


Long life:

The long life of product and components results in prolonged maintenance intervals, improved equipment availability and reduction in unplanned stops.


No reactions:

Repeatable and stable manufacturing process ensures less batch-to-batch variations.